For ten years, ProsperUs Detroit has helped entrepreneurs realize their dreams of building and expanding their business. We’ve done so by grounding our work in relationship building from a place of trust and understanding. We know that low and moderate income Black, Brown and immigrant communities are those most often excluded from the support, resources, and networks they need to succeed. And we know that entrepreneurship is hard even without battling historic inequities. But we still turn to entrepreneurship despite these challenges. We do it and we keep doing it because we believe that the time and energy and resources invested now will multiply and create something bigger and better for our future.

At ProsperUs, we’ve built a dynamic team from diverse backgrounds who know what it takes to be an entrepreneur, who have experienced some of the same barriers, and who work alongside the people we serve as mentors and collaborators. We’ve also fostered partnerships with more than twenty trusted neighborhood organizations to deliver training, and we’ve worked closely with national partners to utilize innovative support and lending strategies.

Now ten years since our first training program launched, ProsperUs has invested a combined $5.2 million in microloans, professional services, and technical assistance to over 1,400 entrepreneurs. 98% of them are entrepreneurs of color. And over the last few years we’ve hit our stride. We’ve tripled our budget and expanded our lending capital fivefold since 2020. We’ve launched a financial coaching program and found new ways to support entrepreneurs with customized and flexible help when and where they need it.

None of this would be possible without our courageous entrepreneurs and their dreams for the future. For some, that extra income from self-employment will cover the expenses of daycare or summer camps. For others, a more profitable business will lead to the purchase of a home or commercial property that can create generational wealth. And yet for others, the vision for the future means hiring a team and creating good, stable jobs for our community. 

Just imagine that every would-be entrepreneur has the resources and support to launch and expand their business. Imagine what our neighborhoods would look like, imagine the impact on public safety, on our health and education systems. Imagine the stories we would get to tell our grandchildren, and imagine the possibilities they would then dream of and work towards. Imagine the ripple effects throughout Detroit, Hamtramck, Highland Park, Inkster, and beyond. 

So please, as we celebrate the last 10 years, envision 10 years from now, and keep building a future for yourself and a future for us.
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Letter from the executive director

What we do

We support entrepreneurs

no matter what stage they’re in and no matter their needs.

Our comprehensive funnel approach includes: training & education, personal financial coaching support, business services & coaching, microlending, business services & coaching.
For every dollar lent to a neighborhood business owner, ProsperUs invests $2.50 in training, coaching, and business services.

Our Entrepreneurs are...

90% of borrowers remain in business after 5 years compared to 50% of businesses nationally.
10% of borrowers are returning citizens
67% of borrowers are women
98% of borrowers are people of color ( Black 74%, Latiné 10.5%, Asian 4%, Arab 4%)
From all over the world, $735,000 has been loaned or granted to immigrant entrepreneurs.


40% have increased their children’s ability to participate in activities outside of school
90% are more financially independent
30% have improved abilityto afford nutritious food.

entrepreneur stories

Dreams Realized
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Where we've been

Ten Years of Investing in Neighborhood Economies

Where We're Going

The next ten years

Our Financials

Balance Sheet

Income Statement


ProsperUs is possible because of the vision and dedication of a key group of early champions who collaborated to bring our work to life. We honor the catalyzing contributions of Southwest Solutions, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, New Solutions Group, and SYN Associates. 

Community Partners

Neighborhood nonprofits are pivotal partners that help recruit entrepreneurs, provide space for training sessions, and support their ongoing growth in collaboration with ProsperUs.


Central Detroit Christian CDC

Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance

Dream of Detroit

Eastside Community Network

Detroit Eastside Ford Resource and Engagement Center

Global African Business Association

Grace in Action Collectives

Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation

Leanna Hicks Public Library of Inkster


Asesoría para tu Negocio

Bridging Communities

Congress of Communities

Escuela Avancemos

Focus: HOPE

Freedom House

Genesis Hope

Global Detroit

Northeast Guidance Center

Recovery Park

SER Metro

Syrian American Rescue Network

Urban Neighborhood Initiatives


Vanguard Community Development

Vista Partnership

Major funders

African American Alliance of CDFI CEOs

Ally Charitable Foundation

Anonymous Donor

Bank of America

CDFI Fund – US Department of Treasury

Citizens Bank

Comerica Charitable Foundation

Craig and Kathryn Hall Foundation

Desai Sethi Foundation / Samvid Ventures

Fifth Third Foundation

Ford Foundation

Ford Motor Company Fund

Gilbert Family Foundation

Intuit Inc.

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Max & Marjorie Fisher Foundation

New Economy Initiative

PNC Foundation

Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation

Rocket Community Fund


US Congress – Congressional Community Project

Wells Fargo

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Board of Directors

Steven Kosuda, Chair

Pierre Batton, Vice Chair

Kimberly Faison, Secretary

Steve Tobocman, Treasurer

Hector Hernandez, Director

Don Jones, Director

Veronika Scott, Director

Past Board Members

Richmond Hawkins

John Schoeniger

Michelle Sherman

Joseph M. Tasse

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