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Jeana Harper-Kirkland, Owner of Torso Sweatband

Words of an Entrepreneur: Jeana Harper-Kirkland

When the opportunity arose for this multi-faceted businesswoman to take the ProsperUs Detroit Entrepreneurial Training, she jumped on it!  Jeana had taken entrepreneurial classes 15 years prior with her business partner, Rhonda Johnson, but time elapsed and life happened, so it was time for a refresher to fill in the holes with the most up-to-date training.

Makeda Turner, Owner of Essense 4 Success Consulting

Words of an Entrepreneur: Makeda Turner

It was nice to talk to someone that looks like me and that I can identify with personally. This is important when discussing such an intimate and personal topic, such as money. Her knowledge and guidance helped to reassure me when making financial decisions.

Words of an Entrepreneur: Lanay Gilbert

I could not answer simple questions about my spending at first, but by the end of our first session, I could see exactly what was happening with my finances. She reviewed my credit report and bank statements with me to help me to see my pattern of spending. I was absolutely amazed!

Word of an Entrepreneur: Regina L. Ward

Upon meeting with her and taking a look at all of my information together, I began to see that it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Don’t get me wrong, my credit score is not good, but the road to fixing it would be a journey, but as long as I stuck with it, I would be fine.

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