People of ProsperUs: Kimberly Jones of Epic Infants

Kimberly Jones, owner of Epic Infants.
Kimberly Jones, the founder of Epic Infants, is a dietitian by trade dedicated to improving the quality of life and health of infants and families. Before founding Epic Infants, Kimberly led a home visiting agency, where her services were geared toward decreasing infant mortality rates within urban communities. 

I would go into these communities and educate pregnant mothers, in particular, about nutrition to ensure that they have a healthy pregnancy

Through this work, she realized that these mothers and families had more pressing needs other than prenatal education and health promotion. They needed baby wipes, diapers, baby socks, onesies, etc., which Kimberly would immediately drive to a retail store and collect for the families. She began stocking these products in her car before appointments, so they would be readily available and accessible. Unfortunately, Kimberly ended up having to close her agency, and this left her in a difficult situation where she would be concerned about how she will be able to move forward with ensuring the welfare of families and infants while simultaneously maintaining financial stability for herself — thus the beginning of Epic Infants.

I decided to create a brand of wipes that these families and everybody else could afford, and I wanted to produce wipes that would provide a healthy cleanse and not cause skin irritations.

The biggest challenge with starting the Epic Infants brand was that Kimberly needed to figure out where to receive support to get her business off the ground.   “I needed help getting down to the nitty-gritty, such as setting up an accounting system and business plan and getting myself ready for funding.” As she’s grown awareness for Epic Infants and her line of offerings, Kimberly has received support from several organizations, including ProsperUs Detroit. She is also working to overcome her challenges by educating herself and establishing connections with accountants.

What Kimberly finds so valuable about Epic Infants is that when you buy her brand, you get a personal service. 

If you order from my website, I personally deliver. I also handwrite notes to my customers, thanking them for their order, and I also introduce myself to them.
Kimberly Jones, Owner of Epic Infants

Kimberly’s long-term vision is opening her own Epic Infants brick-and-mortar. She already has her wipes sold in various marketplaces around Detroit, which is truly remarkable for someone who does it all herself.  


Kimberly and Epic Infants participated in ProsperUs’ 2022 Annual Convening Entrepreneur Showcase Competition and was selected by the community as the second place winner! She is also a 2018 ProsperUs Detroit Training Graduate, a business services recipient, and a part of our 2022 coupon book.  Through Kimberly’s passion and incredible strength she’s been able to impact her community in so many ways, and as she continues to grow her business we know she will touch the lives of so many more.

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