People of ProsperUs: Tamara Lincoln of Lincoln Stone Paper

Tamara Lincoln, owner of Lincoln Stone Paper.

Most entrepreneurs, at the beginning of their journeys –even throughout–  are faced with an urgent and lasting question: what is my “WHY?” and they all have several reasons. Tamara Lincoln’s reasons for developing her business, Lincoln Stone Paper, are as inspiring as they are endearing.

Most of us have notebooks, notepads, copy paper, or some paper products where we can generate text. They often deteriorate after a certain period, which can become a hassle and costly. Lincoln Stone Paper is a company determined to change the pulp paper industry by producing indestructible and efficient notebooks that are waterproof, water-free, and tree-free. What helped prompt the idea of Lincoln Stone paper was Tamara’s children.

My kids are the reason why I started Lincoln Stone Paper. They were ripping up my notebooks and papers, and I thought, ‘Okay, how can I solve this problem?’ And I came across an indestructible paper that could create notebooks and copy paper.

She also understood that when most people make a mistake when writing on paper, they frequently crumble it up and throw it away. She wanted to produce one that signifies it’s okay to make a mistake. Its indestructibility would give less cause to waste it — thus protecting the environment, which she states is the “backbone” of the Lincoln Stone brand.

Entrepreneurs face numerous challenges on their journey, whether internal or external, and as expected — Tamara has had her fair share. Most of her challenges came through fear and self-doubt.

“A lot of times, I doubt myself, and when I achieve success, I get scared,” she says. “It’s not about becoming successful. It’s more about maintaining success and questioning, ‘What are you going to do with the success? How much are you going to give back?’”

What comforts her when she finds herself troubled by these questions is her faith in God.

“I know God is guiding me. I cannot run away from the door he is opening because if I don’t answer his calling, someone else will.”

Tamara has a very hopeful and prosperous outlook on the future of her brand, which includes Lincoln Stone paper partnering with Meijer, Walgreens, CVS, and others. 

Tamara and Lincoln Stone Paper participated in ProsperUs’ 2022 Annual Convening Entrepreneur Showcase Competition and was selected by the community as the third place winner! We’re eagerly anticipating her next chapter.

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