Stories of Legacy Builders: Carniceria Guadalajara

Salvador Hernandez, Carniceria Guadalajara
Salvador Hernandez, owner of Carniceria Guadalajara (aka Guadalajara #2) in the Springwells neighborhood of Detroit.

A Story That Matters

Carniceria Guadalajara, Exterior

Carniceria Guadalajara (also known as Guadalajara #2) is a market in the Springwells neighborhood of Southwest Detroit that offers a wide variety of nourishments, from beverages to high-quality meat, produce, groceries, and more.

Salvador Enriquez began the business by opening Carniceria Guadalajara #1 on the corner of Springwells and Navy, and, over time, he added to his chain of butcher shops, including #2 and #3.

Carniceria Guadalajara, Salvador Enriquez and Adriana Hernandez

After a few years, he closed #1 and #3 to turn his focus to Guadalajara #2 and bring his daughter Adriana Hernandez on as his business partner.

Carniceria Guadalajara, Adriana Hernandez

Through ProsperUs Detroit’s Entrepreneur Training Program, Adriana was able to strengthen the brand, find resources and loans to aid in its growth and redevelopment, and achieve its mission of rendering excellent service to the community and its neighbors.

Carniceria Guadalajara, Salvador Enriquez

While growth may look different than it was originally intended, both Salvador and Adriana are excited for the future of Guadalajara #2.

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