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They uplift artists, inspire the next generation, give back to Detroit through community discounts and partnerships with other community members, leverage the ability of their artists to use their talent for good and positive change, enhance Detroit’s creative economy, and encourage the vibrancy and beautification in Detroit. 

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Impact Stories | Guerilla Food

Meiko’s success, however, is not without massive hurdles faced by many small business owners, especially those who don’t have a traditional background in business. Taking the time to build her financial literacy and finding a network of collaborative small business owners helped Meiko stay afloat during especially tough times.

Inside Krispy Addicts

Impact Stories | Krispy Addicts

Hasan is more than an entrepreneur. He wants to inspire his peers and youth by showing them how a man from inner-city Detroit with a vision from an early age worked until his goals came to fruition. Hasan uses his connections to the Detroit community to uplift his neighbors.

Jeana Harper-Kirkland, Owner of Torso Sweatband

Words of an Entrepreneur: Jeana Harper-Kirkland

When the opportunity arose for this multi-faceted businesswoman to take the ProsperUs Detroit Entrepreneurial Training, she jumped on it!  Jeana had taken entrepreneurial classes 15 years prior with her business partner, Rhonda Johnson, but time elapsed and life happened, so it was time for a refresher to fill in the holes with the most up-to-date training.

Makeda Turner, Owner of Essense 4 Success Consulting

Words of an Entrepreneur: Makeda Turner

It was nice to talk to someone that looks like me and that I can identify with personally. This is important when discussing such an intimate and personal topic, such as money. Her knowledge and guidance helped to reassure me when making financial decisions.

Nikki Neuzil Womens History Month ProsperUs Blog Post Graphic

Nikki Neuzil | Women’s History Month

Nikki’s dream to keep growing her business brought her to Detroit where she fell in love with Mexicantown after hosting a pop-up at Clark Park for a Cinco De Mayo celebration. Opening a business this time around proved more challenging than her previous experience at opening a business. This was a century-old building in the need of many improvements. She enrolled in business management courses and gave it her all. It only took her eight months to fully renovate the building into the beautiful boutique you will find today.

Mayra Torres Womens History Month 2021 Blog Cover

Mayra Torres | Women’s History Month

Mayra feels grateful for her family and her community for believing in her and supporting her every step of the way. Today, she hopes to inspire other women in her community into business ownership, or in her case, multiple businesses.

Nadia Nijimbere, Co-Owner of Baobab Fare Womens History Month 2021 Blog

Nadia Nijimbere | Women’s History Month

Although Nadia did not imagine herself to be a business owner when she was young, she is very proud to find herself an activist, immigrant, and businesswoman today. She encourages other women to tap into their inner power and passion because we can do so much more than we expect. She says it may not always be easy, but it sure is possible.

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