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Jon Kent and the Sanctuary Farms Team

Jøn Kent I Sanctuary Farms

“I wanted to do something I was passionate about that spoke to me,” Jøn explains. “For me, everything aligned with farming. The beauty of the work is that all you need is the grit to do it. Parker and I are lifelong friends, and the pandemic became the push we needed to do this endeavor together.”

Women of ProsperUs Detroit in March 2022

The Women of ProsperUs Detroit

As we close out Women’s History Month, we want to showcase and celebrate the amazing women on our team who make much of the work we do possible! (6 out of 9 team members are women at ProsperUs!)

Nawal Denard, Owner of House of African Prints

Nawal Denard, House of African Prints | Women’s History Month 2022

“Every year after, my business has seen growth. When it comes to African prints, they’re high quality and striking. I’ve had so many new customers come to see me, I refer to them as my African-print-virgins, and they’re blown away. It’s my favorite to introduce people to African prints, and I’m grateful every day to have the opportunity to do so.”

Sonja McCoy, Co-Owner of Glass Block Express

Sonja McCoy, Glass Block Express | Women’s History Month 2022

“I live in Detroit. So I put my business in here so we can continue to elevate the whole community. We hire from the community, and by doing so, we’re able to affect the lives of community members. Detroit is growing, the resurgence is happening, and the population is growing. It’s a great time to start a business in the city – especially if you’re a part of the community!”

Ameneh Marhaba, Owner of Little Liberia

Ameneh Marhaba, Little Liberia | Women’s History Month 2022

“My hope for the future is a brick and mortar that allows guests to come through the front doors, have a plate of food, and learn about Liberia without realizing it. There are many tribes in Liberia, and in my space, I envision having a tribal wall listing where each specific food dish comes from. As guests look at the menu while talking or waiting for their food, I hope they’re able to learn from our four walls and learn where their food came from and a bit about Liberia.”

Jeana Harper-Kirkland, Owner of Torso Sweatband

Jeana Harper-Kirkland, Torso Sweatband | Women’s History Month 2022

The successes that Torso Sweatband has seen were hard-fought by co-owners Jeana Harper-Kirkland and Rhonda Johnson. “Last year, we won a pitch competition with Michigan Women Forward, and it’s resources like these that have helped the Torso Sweatband and both Rhonda and myself. Before that, we took ProsperUs classes, and our coach Dr. Marcus Harris helped us so much.”

Kimberly Jones, Owner of Epic Infants

Kimberly Jones, Epic Infants | Women’s History Month 2022

Epic Infants began with organic wipes. “They were the easiest thing to make, and the most needed by my community,” says Jones. “The families were so often complaining making sure it was affordable was an aspect of my business I refused to budge on, because these women needed to have access to these healthy products.”

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