People of ProsperUS: Yolanda Massey

People of ProsperUS: Yolanda Massey

By: Weyman Cohen

Hooked on Books, owned by Yolanda Massey, is a childcare service.  During the year Massey provides childcare for younger children, mostly between the ages of five to seven (infants as well), but during the summer older children, (ages eight to ten) commonly attend Hooked on Books. Massey officially opened her childcare services in 2015.  She is currently converting to a brick and mortar building.  

Hooked on Books focuses on social and emotional development in children.  

“The philosophy of Hooked On Books Childcare is to provide all children with a comfortable learning environment where they can explore and use their creative skills to learn.”

The Hooked on Books classroom setting smoothes out the transition from homecare to the kindergarten environment.  Hooked on Books works to wither away hindrances in development such as excessive attachment to parents.  Massey’s services have been shown to speed up attention span development in young attendees.  Children who attend Hooked on Books come away with valuable
skills that prove beneficial in elementary school, such as the ability to share and potty-training.

“Collaboration is a crucial part of the development of children.

Hooked on Books mission is to assist families by providing developmental structure to their children’s upbringing.  Massey wants the children of parents that work full time to have the social and emotional skills necessary to adjust to every sequential stage in life.  

Massey has voiced her thankfulness to ProsperUS for providing her with much needed financial understanding.  Massey attributes much of her knowledge of cash flows, business projections and marketing to her experience working with ProsperUS.

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