People of ProsperUS: Gregory Carr

People of ProsperUS: Gregory Carr

By: Weyman Cohen

Gregory Carr, owner of Tall Greg Art, creates fine art for individuals as well as businesses.  Tall Greg Art also offers classes to private individuals as well as art therapy for senior living facilities.  

Carr received a bachelor of arts from the College For Creative Studies with a major in illustration.  From there, he ventured into commercial art, hoping to do creative advertisements.  However, he did not find such a venture to be creatively stimulating.  Carr wanted to sell his art during college, but found that the art world isn’t the most transparent about who is making the large purchases.  Thankfully, Carr found ProsperUS’ business services through a google search, allowing him to morph his creation of fine art into an LLC.  Carr traces his knowledge about the “bigger concepts associated with business” back to ProsperUS. 

“You can’t know what you don’t know.” 

Such learning enlightened Carr about tools that he didn’t know existed, such as excel spreadsheets used to graph business performance. 

“I can’t put into words how awesome it’s been.”

Carr is currently linking up with a mentor who will be allowing Carr to set up a gallery in Asheville, North Carolina.  Carr plans to split time between Detroit and Asheville in the future. Carr hopes to sell independently through art fairs and festivals “to keep that middleman out of it,” something that Carr identifies as generally leading to a loss of profit.  Carr’s goal is to be the sales team, the marketing team, and the artist all in one.  

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