People of ProsperUS: Nicole Scott, Cloudburst Visions

This is the third post in “People of ProsperUS,” showcasing the incredible stories of entrepreneurs connected to ProsperUS. 

This post features Nicole Scott, the owner of Cloudburst Visions Consulting.

“I have a social media marketing agency and my niche is restaurants and bars. I’m still in the early startup stages but I do a lot of prospecting. It is a lot of work, I’m usually reaching out to actual bars trying to get in touch [by contacting] decision makers: the business owner or general manager. I usually leave my business card and then follow up. I also offer a free social media audit of their social media accounts. I take a couple of accounts, analyze them, and send them a report.”


“I initially started working in social media in 2012. I apprenticed with a woman who was a love coach and she started out on Facebook and bartered services. She was looking for someone to help her and I volunteered to be a part of a program. That experience sparked my interest in social media and I’ve been managing my own social media accounts since. In January of this year I enrolled in a Tai Lopez social media and marketing agency program and decided to take the existing business I had, which was a nonprofit consulting business, and transitioning it into focusing on social media instead. I lost my job in 2014, and at that point I didn’t want an employer to determine my destiny, so I started looking into entrepreneurship. Being a small business owner means I control my day-to-day activities. The type of life I want is what I make of it. It is hard work and a lot of hours, but I don’t mind because I enjoy what I’m doing. I have a son who is 14 years old and he will be out of school in 4 years, so my goal is to have a laptop lifestyle. I’d like to be able to travel and work where I am and set up my business so that I could do that.”


“I have a fully completed business plan and am working with ProsperUS to tweak it and am using legal technical assistance; I am currently working with a law firm to help me with contracts. I’m looking for web development and would like someone to work with me on my website [as well].”


“If it’s something you’re really passionate about then you should really work towards it. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Age doesn’t matter.”

Check out Nicole’s business: Cloudburst Visions Consulting, Inc.

Thanks to our team of DukeEngage Detroit Fellows, Ali Frank, and Prath Patel, for their work in sharing the stories of ProsperUS Detroit entrepreneurs during their summer in Detroit. Would you like to be featured? Let us know!

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