People of ProsperUS: JaTara Wright, Innovative Marketing Artistry

This is the second post in “People of ProsperUS,” showcasing the incredible stories of entrepreneurs connected to ProsperUS. 

This post features JaTara Wright, the owner, and creator of Innovative Marketing Artistry

“My business is Innovative Marketing Artistry. There are two parts to my business. We help small and medium-sized businesses position themselves effectively online to capture leads. [The other part is that] we empower individuals to work from home including students, disabled individuals, [etc.]. They do telemarketing support for some Fortune 500 Companies. So [those are] the two parts of my business.”


“I was working for a company at the time and, unfortunately, the corporate world didn’t work for my life. I have a child with special needs, and her having special needs meant that I had to be there for her on a regular basis, and wanting to set something for her. I wanted my daughter to understand that there are always different avenues that you can choose in life. You don’t just have to go to school and work for someone. [I also wanted] freedom. [Starting a business gave me] diversity, first and foremost. It meant giving me the diversity that I needed and also educating others as it relates to business. Because the second component of my business is to empower individuals to work independently from home, [which] gives them the flexibility that they need and the ability to build work around their lifestyle versus their lifestyle around work. Being a small business owner means helping others and empowering others in different ways and doing something different for the community because the community needs it.”


“Oh gosh, ProsperUS has been phenomenal. They have helped established a variety of different connections that I need and helped build upon those connections too. There’s so much going on that you’re just… plugged, you’re just plugged in.”


“Sticktoitiveness. Sticktoitiveness. That’s really all: you have to stick to it. You can’t give up because the road gets rough. You’ll never get to where you want to be if you just back away from the hard times. Those are the times that develop and help you get better to where you need to be as an entrepreneur because if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.”

Click here, if you would like to visit her website: Innovative Marketing Artistry

Thanks to our team of DukeEngage Detroit Fellows, Ali Frank, and Prath Patel, for their work in sharing the stories of ProsperUS Detroit entrepreneurs during their summer in Detroit. Would you like to be featured? Let us know!

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