People of ProsperUS: Daune Smith, Visual Noise

Daune Smith - Visual Noise - People of ProsperUS

This is the first post in a series of photos titled, “People of ProsperUS,” showcasing the incredible stories of entrepreneurs connected to ProsperUS Detroit.

Our first post features Daune Smith, owner and talented fashion designer for Visual Noise.

“My business is Visual Noise and I create a lineup of statement separates for women to wear assertively; it’s different from your normal wear. I’m always trying to come up with something new and different. I’ve always wanted to express my own feeling and my own individuality and I’ve always been like that my whole life. I’ve always worn whatever I’ve wanted to, and I want other people to feel like that as well, you know?”


“Well, I started a small business, basically because I was tired of trying to make somebody else rich and killing myself, you know? I am a 100 percenter. I work. When I come to work for you, I am going to work.”


“ProsperUS is the reason I have a business plan; I got my foundation for a business plan from them. I was able to grasp and own the steps to creating my business plan. I didn’t do it right away, but I did it by myself. When I did it, everyone, who saw it said, ‘This is your FIRST business plan?’ and I said ‘Yes… I’m badass.’ So, ProsperUS is the reason that I was able to be funded by the people I was funded by (including ProsperUS) — So far I’ve gotten assistance with rebuilding my website, a redesigning of my logo, and labels for my clothing as well as business cards. I’ve gotten legal assistance from ProsperUS, which is freakin’ AWESOME!”


“DREAM BIG. That is my advice. I want them to make the endeavor to never feel regret. Just do it, seriously. You just gotta do it. The best thing you can do is FAIL. Seriously, If you get up and do it, what do you have to lose? There’s gonna be change in your life anyway, so why not navigate which way it goes? If you have a dream, pursue it. Ask questions. Find like-minded people. Pull your elbows up and punch your way through the crowds. Just keep going, you have one life, live it.”

Click here, if you would like to visit her website:

Thanks to our team of DukeEngage Detroit Fellows, Ali Frank, and Prath Patel, for their work in sharing the stories of ProsperUS Detroit entrepreneurs during their summer in Detroit. Would you like to be featured? Let us know!

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