Celebrating Black History Month, 2022

ProsperUs Celebrates Black History Month 2022
Today, like always, ProsperUs Detroit says #BlackLivesMatter and happy #BlackHistoryMonth!

ProsperUs Detroit observes Black History Month with reverence and celebration. It is a time to uplift the ancestors’ resistance, reclaim the wisdom of the silenced, and affirm our commitment to creating a better future. We’ll be celebrating stories of Black business owners within our communities throughout February. Through these stories, Black entrepreneurs will share their experiences, their immense passion, and the impact their business has on their community. We invite you to read and share their stories, follow their social media pages, and support their businesses throughout the year.

Black History Month isn’t just one month for ProsperUs Detroit, and we hope these narratives introduce you to community members and businesses you’ll love and make part of your day, every day.

Today, like always, ProsperUs Detroit says #BlackLivesMatter and happy #BlackHistoryMonth!

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