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Jeana Harper-Kirkland, Owner of Torso Sweatband

Jeana Harper-Kirkland, Torso Sweatband | Women’s History Month 2022

The successes that Torso Sweatband has seen were hard-fought by co-owners Jeana Harper-Kirkland and Rhonda Johnson. “Last year, we won a pitch competition with Michigan Women Forward, and it’s resources like these that have helped the Torso Sweatband and both Rhonda and myself. Before that, we took ProsperUs classes, and our coach Dr. Marcus Harris helped us so much.”

Kimberly Jones, Owner of Epic Infants

Kimberly Jones, Epic Infants | Women’s History Month 2022

Epic Infants began with organic wipes. “They were the easiest thing to make, and the most needed by my community,” says Jones. “The families were so often complaining making sure it was affordable was an aspect of my business I refused to budge on, because these women needed to have access to these healthy products.”

Dominique Mitchell, Owner of Simply Social Event Space

Dominique Mitchell, Simply Social Event Space | Women’s History Month 2022

Simply Social Event Space became active on social media in April 2020. “I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a webinar about starting your own event space. The pitch resonated with me, so I took the class. I had also just gotten my real estate license a year prior, and that fit in line with the business model I was flushing out. Simply Social became active online, and I started sharing my passion and story.”

Kymaletha Brown, Owner of The Great Divine Center

Kymaletha Brown, The Great Divine Center | Women’s History Month 2022

“When I got The Great Divine Center’s space, I realized how truly perfect the location was. Every studio like this is a space for younger generations,” says Brown. “Our community space invites adults to come in and release, to get in touch with their feminine energy, and a space that allows moms to feel like themselves again.”

Women's History Month Blog Cover

Celebrating Women’s History Month, 2022

We’re working to capture the stories that support and uplift those narratives of resilience that represent our neighborhood entrepreneurial communities. The focus of our Women’s History Month series is the resilience and strength of women in our amazing city.

Charles Jones, Owner of Taboo Treasures

Charles Jones, Taboo Treasures | Black History Month 2022

“The cannabis plant is so versatile and has experienced a stigmatized background. We have a lot in common,” explains Jones. “I was born and raised in Detroit, and I’ve seen my share of rough and hard times in the city growing up. But, I emerged through the other side a new individual, with a different purpose and wanting to do more for my culture, and myself.”

Randall Coats, Owner of Wine 4 Da Ppl

Randall Coats, Wine 4 Da Ppl | Black History Month 2022

Coates is referring to the lack of representation of Black people within the wine industry, a trend that is also seen in the wider alcohol industry and hospitality industry. Coats hopes to bring awareness and education of the industry to his community, one glass at a time.

Deidre, Owner of Yotique

Deidre, Yotique | Black History Month 2022

Yotique was founded in 2016, though Deidre didn’t do anything with the business until 2018. She connected with ProsperUs and went through their training program, and that’s when the business really started.

Jessica Kwalli, Owner of Jessica Blair Beauty

Jessica Kwalli, Jessica Blair Beauty | Black History Month 2022

Kwalli began researching ways to get into the beauty industry and how to open and run a beauty store. Though the task was daunting and she didn’t know where to begin, Kwalli noticed one of her notebooks sitting by her at the time had a vital message embossed on the cover. Write Every Moment.

“So I did just that,” Kwalli says. “Each day, I would jot down ideas, thoughts that would come to mind. I’d then start doing one thing at a time. Which put together a blueprint.”

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