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ProsperUs compiled a variety of free accounting software, bookkeeping spreadsheets, and financial forecasting sites that may meet your needs. Accounting software is automated cloud or desktop technology that allows business owners and financial professionals to manage a small business’s books through their computer or phone. See more software options below.


  • Detroit Public Library: Computer classes are held in the TLC Center of the Detroit Public Library. Learn about Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access. Need to improve your technical abilities? Ask the instructor while attending a session. The instructors can give you any tips needed to get you started for any computer-related issue. 

  • Novi Library: If you are comfortable using a computer, a keyboard and a mouse, this is a place for you. Call the library for more details about computer classes. They have a variety of classes, such as iPad Tricks & Tips, Word 2010 Basics, Tech Time, Basic Photo Editing, Excel 2010 Basics and many other choices. The classes are available to anyone eighteen years or older, and the classes are free.

  • Michigan Computer Training: Does word processing, spreadsheets and using databases grab your attention? If so, this is a great place to find a computer class. Michigan Technology Services has a caring and patient staff ready to help you advance in your computer skills. From building professional presentations, learning to manage emails, typing on the computers, creating spreadsheets and much more, this is a safe learning environment. It doesn’t matter your age.
  • ONLC Training Center: Did you say you want to learn about computer programs? Is there a particular topic? It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, anything and everything regarding computers can be learned at this training center. The ONLC Training Center has many great classes. Take a look at all the technological topics. Select the topic that interests you and find out more about the day, time and location.
  • Per Scholas: Whether you are new to tech or a seasoned veteran, Per Scholas will help you remain competitive within today’s most dynamic industry. The curriculum combines hands-on technical learning with business professional skills development to help you adapt to today’s changing work environments. 


  • SquareUp: Not only does Square offer an easy way to process credit cards, but it also offers ways to manage your accounts and run your company, including: Employee management, Payroll, Point of Sale, Appointments, and Invoices.

  • Wave: With more than two million users, Wave is one of the most successful online accounting services – and it’s completely free for accounting, invoicing and receipts, although if you want personal technical support you’ll need to pay for it.
  • Manager: Manager is said to be one of the most comprehensive free accounting software out there. Manager provides over 40 different accounting features to help save you time and money all while providing a user-friendly design.

  • Zoho Invoice: Zoho Invoice primarily focuses on the invoicing and billing side of accounting. Designed to save you time and effort, Zoho Invoice is also available for download on your mobile device. Zoho Invoice is also integrated with PayPal so it makes receiving payments easier.
  • QuickBooks (paid): QuickBooks Online is a web-based accounting solution that caters to individual accountants and small businesses. The solution helps with bank reconciliation, tracking expenses, drafting invoices and monitoring financial reports, among others. Offers a 30-day free trial and then premium plans.

  • FreshBooks (paid): Another web-based accounting solution that caters to small businesses. Offers a free trial. Comprehensive and user-friendly software.
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