ProsperUS recruiting bilingual Spanish/English Trainer

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We are looking for a bilingual Spanish/English instructor for the Entrepreneurship Training Program.

To apply send your resume and a brief letter of introduction to  <>
The Entrepreneur Training Program teaches business skills to adults. We actively recruit from under-resourced neighborhoods and assume participants have little to no formal business education. Participants have a range of business experience, from active business owners to passionate individuals just launching their first start-up. We support a wide range of business types, so we are looking for a candidate who is willing to work in-depth with individuals on a broad variety of businesses.
Trainers are compensated for teaching 11 two-hours classes with 10-12 participants over the course of 12 to 16 weeks. Course material exists in Spanish and English, but supplemental material may augment the current curriculum. The content of the 12 weekly two-hour long classes introduces the key components of a business plan.
In addition to the classes, trainers are paid for their time meeting one-on-one with participants. These one-on-one meetings usually last about an hour and cover individual participants goals. We expect trainers to continue to support the participants via one-on-one meetings for up to ten hours or meeting time or for six months after completion, additional one on ones after ten hours of more than six months later are subject to additional staff approval.
All classes and meetings are virtual. Cohorts run in the spring and fall. 
Interested candidates, please send your resume and send a brief letter of introduction to <>
More information on the entrepreneur training program is available here: LINK
To see the bios of current trainers click here: LINK

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