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IIMD is a non-profit organization with an immigration legal department whose focus is to assist under-represented families achieve their immigration goals. They offer a variety of citizenship services including consultations with Immigration Attorneys and Department of Justice accredIted representatives, and citizenship preparation classes. Contact:

  • Legal Department: Call: (313) 871-8600 ext. 234, Email: Yumana Dubaisi (Supervising Attorney),
  • Nene Tesija-Pocedic (U.S. Department of Justice Accredited Representative),
  • Donna Beauregard (Immigration Attorney),
  • Kaity Nicastri ( U.S. Department of Justice Accredited Representative),
  • To register and gain additional information about Citizenship Preparation Classes
    Call (313) 600-7618, Email:

ACCESS offers a variety of immigration and citizenship services that are provided by specialists who are certified and accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). There is a fee for these service programs with a sliding-fee scale that will be applied for low-income clients. These programs include consultations, outreach to United States Department of Homeland Security (accompanying the client at interview ans hearings related to immigration cases), assistance with completion of immigration forms, and assist with the application process for the visa lottery. Contact:

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